Discover Per Diem Manager

Our paperless and easy-to-use Per Diem Manager solution delivers fleet savings and driver benefits to help your fleet increase driver pay, enhance recruiting, and reduce operating costs.


Atlantic HR Solutions and Omnitracs

Atlantic HR Solutions is a leading provider of innovative fleet solutions for the transportation industry.

Since 2004, Atlantic HR Solutions, Inc has developed and maintained substantial solutions for the trucking industry, including IRS-compliant Per Diem programs as well as intuitive software applications. AHRS is responsible for providing federal tax compliance and applicable updates or amendments to federal tax laws affecting Omnitracs new mandated Hours of Service-integrated Per Diem Manager software.

OmnitracsOmnitracs, LLC is the source for private and for-hire fleets seeking fleet management solutions, including software applications, platforms and information services. Our intuitive technologies, including solutions for safety and compliance, driver retention, GPS fleet tracking, and fleet maintenance software, can help you solve common fleet problems and achieve your fleet management objectives. With thousands of trucking customers across the Americas, Omnitracs leads the way for fleet management solutions.


HOS-integrated Per Diem Manager:
•    Paperless
•    IRS compliant
•    Allows drivers more take home pay
•    Reduces motor carrier costs
•    Enhances recruiting
•    Payroll integrated
•    Tamper proof