Per Diem Management
Easy Per Diem Management for long-haul drivers and motor carriers
Per Diem and Driver Retention
Maintain driver retention and put more money into your drivers pocket with our per diem management.
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Atlantic HR Solutions is a leading provider of innovative fleet solutions for the transportation industry. Since 2004, Atlantic HR Solutions, Inc has developed and maintained substantial solutions for the trucking industry, including IRS-compliant Per Diem programs as well as intuitive software applications. AHRS is responsible for providing federal tax compliance and applicable updates or amendments to federal tax laws affecting the mandated Hours of Service-integrated Per Diem Manager and Per Diem Gold software.

Atlantic HR Solutions per diem programs are currently available on numerous ELD platforms. If your ELD provider is not listed, please contact us, as AHRS is continuing to integrate with additional ELD providers.


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Per Diem Gold ELD’s

HOS-integrated Per Diem Manager
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Our paperless and easy-to-use Per Diem Manager and Per Diem Gold solutions delivers fleet savings and driver benefits to help your fleet increase driver pay, enhance recruiting, and reduce operating costs.


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